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We're not just furnace guys, here.


While our name may imply basic HVAC services, Redinger Heating is SO much more!  We install and service groundsource heat pumps, electric and gas water heaters, on-demand water heaters, natural gas and electric boilers, mini split heat pumps, custom walk-in coolers, and radiant/hydronic heating systems.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Groundsource Heat Pumps


Harness the natural temperature stability of the earth!  All geothermal installations also qualify for a federal tax credit up to 30% of the install


Particularly easy to install in new construction applications with a large amount of land, groundsource heat pumps utilize a "loop-field" of fluid filled piping buried about 6 feet underground to harness the heating and cooling capabilities of the soil.  In the winter, the fluid absorbs heat and transfers it to the geothermal indoor unit where it is condensed and circulated through your home.  In the summer, the system works in reverse - taking the heated air of your home and disbursing it into the much cooler ground, the loop system efficiently removes heat and sends cooled liquid back to the indoor unit to be used to distribute cool air into your home.


Learn more about the TetCo product line at

Water Heaters


If you've ever dealt with a cold shower, running out of hot water while doing the laundry or dishes, or had to deal with dirty/rusty water from the bottom of your old tank, how about upgrading to a new water heater?


From naturally drafted gas units, PowerVent gas units, standard electric tank models, heat pump water heaters, to on-demand units, there are dozens of choices for your home that are efficient and boast impressive recovery times.


Check out the Ruud product line at:

Boilers and Hydronic Radiant Heating 


When conventional forced-air systems won't work in your floor plan, radiant heating and boiler systems offer wonderful solutions.


Hydronic radiant systems utilize liquid filled lines beneath the floor, which is heated by a gas or electric boiler system.  These systems are much more efficient than straight electric resistance (i.e. baseboards, wall heaters), and can be advantageous to allergy sufferers as there is no disturbance of dust and particles with each cycle of the system.  


Learn more about radiant heat at:


Learn more about Lochinvar Kinght Boilers at:


Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless (mini split) heat pumps are an incredibly efficient way to heat and cool your home without the need for ductwork.


Utilizing an outdoor condensing unit and one or multiple indoor unit heads, mini split heat pump systems can be mounted just about anywhere with access to the outside.  Providing both heating AND cooling, mini splits are the ideal way to keep your home comfy in all seasons!  


With just a small hole through the exterior wall to accommodate the refrigerant lineset, a mini split system is quick and relatively easy to install in almost any application. In many utilities, these systems can qualify for great rebates as well!


Learn more at


We are proud to install Fujitsu mini split systems.  See the entire product line at

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